Get Ankle Sprain Treatment in Lawrenceville NJ

You don't have to climb a mountain to sprain your ankle; all it takes is an unnatural twisting or force on the anklebones. You can twist your ankle by tripping over an uneven sidewalk or losing your balance while walking down the stairs. Most ankle sprains are minor, but if you don't get the right treatment, you can continue to stretch or tear the ligaments and cause a more serious injury down the road. Dr. Donna Barrese at East Windsor Lawrenceville Foot & Ankle proudly provides some of the best ankle sprain treatment Lawrenceville, NJ has to offer.

Most ankle sprains involve bruising, swelling and pain. However, the symptoms depend on the severity of the sprain. For example, a high ankle sprain or a lateral ankle sprain can cause more serious symptoms. Remedies like compression bandages and ice therapy may relieve the symptoms for minor injuries. More severe sprains may require surgery to repair or tighten the ligaments.

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