Once the weather warms up, it's time to ditch those heavy sneakers and put on a pair of airy flip-flops. When spending time outdoors, follow a few simple tips throughout the summer season to practice proper foot health.

Wear Sunscreen

As with any other part of a person's body, feet need to be covered with a layer of sunscreen to prevent sunburn that can lead to skin cancer. A sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher is best. Set a timer for every two hours and then reapply the lotion for continuous protection.

Flip-Flop Dangers

Flip-flops provide feet with lots of air circulation during the hot summer months; however, there are a few things one must be aware of before putting on a pair. First, this type of shoe does not protect feet when mowing the lawn. Second, they don't offer any arch support for trips that require a lot of walking. Third, an improper fit can lead to blisters where the toe thong rubs against the toes, or plantar warts if any part of the foot hangs over the edge.

Swim for Exercise

When suffering from any type of injury, such as an ankle sprain, swimming allows a person to get the physical exercise he or she needs without causing any further harm to the injury. Just remember to wear water shoes, as pools are known to harbor bacteria and fungi that can lead to infections. For any other type of physical activities when recovering from trauma, seek guidance from a podiatrist.

Create a Portable First Aid Kit

It is best to have a first aid kit available if anyone in your party gets cut on the foot after stepping on a seashell, or develops a swollen ankle after tripping over a pool noodle. Some items to include in the kit are aloe vera gel for sunburn, antibiotic cream for cuts, ibuprofen for inflammation, and hydrating body lotion to treat dry skin.