Treatment of Hammertoes in East Windsor and Lawrenceville, NJ

If you have toes that point upwards instead of laying flat, or that look like an upside-down V from the side, you may have hammertoes. Hammertoes can be an extremely painful condition that, if not treated early, can result in the need for surgery. At Donna Barrese, DPM East Windsor Lawrenceville Foot & Ankle, we can diagnose and offer personalized treatment for this condition.

Causes of Hammertoes

Hammertoes are created by a shift in the balance in the muscles around the toe, which puts excess pressure on the tendon and the first joint, known as the proximal interphalangeal joint. One or more toes may be affected. Hammertoes can develop due to heredity, an injury to the toe, age, certain diseases including arthritis and diabetes, or by wearing improper footwear. Women are more prone to developing hammertoe, as are people whose second toe is longer than the first.

Symptoms of Hammertoes

In the early stages, patients will notice that the toe is bent, but it will still be flexible. The person may experience pain when footwear creates pressure on the top of the toe, and redness, swelling, and corns may occur where the toe rubs against the shoe. Eventually, if left untreated, movement of the toe will become difficult.

Treatment and Prevention

Treatment of hammertoes depends on the severity of the condition. If the toe is still flexible, the condition may be treated by wearing comfortable footwear that does not restrict the toes. Shoes may be fitted with custom orthotic devices for added comfort. Hammertoe pads may relieve pressure, and taping of the foot may help restore proper muscular balance. Anti-inflammatory drugs, cortisone injections, and ice packs may also be used to relieve discomfort. Once the tendons in the toe have become rigid, however, surgery is often needed.

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