Get Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis from a Top Podiatrist 

You may think the only thing under the heel of your foot is a pad of fat and skin. Actually, there is a large, thick band of tissue there that connects the heel bone and the toes. It is known as the plantar fascia, and when it becomes inflamed, the condition is known as plantar fasciitis. The condition is often caused by overuse or improper stretching.

The professionals at East Windsor Lawrenceville Foot & Ankle can provide treatment for plantar fasciitis to help you get relief and put the spring back in your step. Treatment may include stretching exercises, wearing a splint at night, wearing a boot cast or special orthotics, or getting injections in the heel. Home remedies like resting and ice can also help provide some relief.

If you want to get the best plantar fasciitis treatment New Jersey has to offer, call us to make an appointment. We serve patients in Mercer County, Trenton, Princeton, Skillman and Ewing Township. Get the relief you need from plantar fasciitis with treatment from a qualified podiatrist.