Identifying the Source of Foot Pain

Understanding Why Your Feet Hurt

Most of the time, you can guess why your feet hurt. Maybe you walked a lot, wore new shoes the day before or stubbed your toe – these are all relatively common sources of foot pain and discomfort. However, when the pain persists and you don’t know why or how to relieve it, it can be concerning and even disrupt your day-to-day life.

Foot Pain - East Winsor, NJ - Donna Barresse DPM

Nearly any part of your foot can be affected by pain, whether it’s your heel, bones, ligaments, toenails, joints or tendons, and each type of pain can result in a different diagnosis. For example, if your heels hurt, it may be due to heel spurs, arthritis or bursitis, or it could be the result of a fracture or tendon rupture. Since there are so many possible causes of foot pain, it’s critical to see a professional, like Dr. Donna Barrese in East Windsor and Lawrenceville, NJ, for an accurate assessment.

Common Causes

When it comes to aching feet, there tends to be a handful of very common causes, one of which could be the reason why your feet hurt.

  • Injury: Injury can result in both short-term and long-term pain. Some injuries are more serious than others, so be sure to get your sprain, strain or fracture examined as soon as possible.
  • Footwear: Wearing a pair of high heels or tight shoes every now and then can lead to temporary pain, such as blisters and soreness. But if you’re wearing tight, ill-fitting shoes over a long period of time, then a whole host of conditions can manifest, including hammertoes, corns and bunions.
  • Overuse: People who spend all day on their feet or are serious athletes – especially runners – are likely to deal with persistent pain and soreness. Overweight individuals are likely to have foot pain as well, since their feet have to support additional weight.
  • Inflammation: Reactive, rheumatoid, septic and osteoarthritis all cause painful inflammation of the joints. Depending on which type you are diagnosed with, you may be able to treat the pain. 
  • Diabetes: Diabetics have decreased blood flow to their extremities, which can result in numerous problems, including peripheral neuropathy – a painful nerve condition with tingling, numbness and burning sensations.  
  • Flat Feet: Individuals with fallen arches may experience pain or tenderness in the heel and arch areas. If flat arches are the source of your foot pain, there are a variety of treatment options, including arch supports, stretching maneuvers and supportive shoes.

Keep in mind that these are just some of the potential causes of your foot pain, and they certainly do not apply to everyone’s individual situation. The only way to receive a definitive answer is to speak with a podiatrist about your case.

Get The Relief You Need

Living with even the slightest foot pain can prove difficult, or even unbearable, for anyone. If you’re concerned or the pain is impeding your lifestyle, talk to Dr. Donna Barrese before the condition worsens. You can schedule an appointment online or stop by one of our two New Jersey locations for a thorough examination, diagnosis and treatment plan.